Workshops to put the wind in your sails

You are planning...

  • an executive or management meeting, where you would like to achieve results confidently and energetically
  • a workshop in which you would like to work with your team using a different approach than usual
  • a large group event, during which you would like to lead 50 to 200 employees to exchange knowledge or experience, resulting in valuable outcomes. Outcomes that drive your company forward and are supported by all stakeholders.

Services tailored to your needs

  • Many years of experience in the moderation of meetings and events
  • Close coordination and alignment on topics and schedules in advance
  • Developing a goal-oriented agenda
  • Preliminary coordination with all relevant parties
  • Proven formats for large group events (including World Café, Barcamp)
  • Use of digital polling
  • Meticulous documentation of all results
  • Thinking ahead together to ensure that the event does not simply become a flash in the pan

You benefit from

  • Your participants feeling welcome – as the moderator, I keep a close eye on both the content and human aspects
  • Activating the participants so that the knowledge and experience of all participants can be accessed
  • An atmosphere of trust and confidence, in which new ideas can emerge and alignment can take place
  • Strategies and action plans supported by all participants
  • Relieving you of the burden and effort of methodically preparing your event
  • The great feeling of being able to concentrate exclusively on the main topic at your event

World Café

Personal contact...

You may have found this website through a recommendation or discovered it directly online. Why not take this opportunity for a personal phone call? It will be my pleasure to listen to you and ask specific questions, so that you gain a clear picture of the options open to you.