Fresh inspiration and extensive know-how for your team

You would like to...

  • Empower new managers with proven management tools
  • Develop experienced managers from different management backgrounds collectively. With a management programme which builds on their high levels of knowledge and offers new perspectives. One that promotes a common understanding of leadership and how to act as a manager, while also allowing networking to take place.
  • Create a shared communication and feedback culture in your company or specific departments through targeted training.

Services tailored to your needs

  • Training which is enjoyable and has a powerful, lasting impact
  • Programmes tailored to fit your company and requirements precisely
  • Programmes tailored to fit your company and requirements precisely
  • Flexible design: All training courses are available as both face-to-face and online events
  • Blended learning concepts available as a complementary option, including online self-study between training modules

Building blocks for your training


  • Managing the balance between task and employee orientation
  • Develop employees sustainably through skilful delegation
  • Discover your leadership personality

  • Leadership and employee motivation
  • Communication and management of discussions
  • Team management and team dynamics
  • Verhaltenspräferenzen (MBTI®) und Motive (Reiss-Profil®)
  • Leadership and health
  • Management of emotions, both your own and those of others
  • Networking between the participants
  • Peer groups for collegial guidance

  • Introduction of a feedback culture
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Establishing effective meeting formats

You benefit from

  • Clear goal orientation within the team
  • Improved business results
  • Greater commitment and reliability
  • Enhanced ability to deal with conflict in a team
  • Increased motivation and greater trust within the team

Training structure

  • Participant- and goal-oriented approach
  • Flexible sequence of specialist input - activating development phases - collegial exchange
  • Addressing all types of learners, based on neuroscience
  • Role plays and video analysis – on request
  • Lots of fun and a pleasant learning atmosphere!

Personal contact...

You may have found this website through a recommendation or discovered it directly online. Why not take this opportunity for a personal phone call? It will be my pleasure to listen to you and ask specific questions, so that you gain a clear picture of the options open to you.