Get your team on track

The chief goal of all our team development activities is for you and your team to achieve your business objectives. And that you receive practical support enabling you do this more effectively. You do not need magic to move a team in a positive direction. However, it is important to know the right levers to pull.

Let’s have a talk to see what this could mean for you and your team.

You would like to...

  • Pull together as a team
  • Deliver results quickly and reliably with your business unit
  • Increase commitment and reliability within the team
  • Improve the atmosphere in the team and promote cooperation
  • Get back on track quickly in challenging times
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel when developing your team
  • Have an experienced professional on deck, who knows which measures can make the difference in your situation

Services tailored to your needs

  • Ascertaining and capturing your initial situation and priorities precisely in a preliminary discussion
  • Many years of experience working with teams
  • A variety of team development formats – we carefully select those that will work best in your situation
  • Events which are fun and have effective, lasting impact
  • Hands-on conception, moderation and follow-up of the events

All team development measures can also be conducted online with some limitations. This works best if the team members already know each other or are used to working remotely. Let's discuss what is most appropriate in your case.

Building blocks for your team development include

  • ReTeaming® – shaping the future together in a goal-oriented manner
  • Analysis and development of the team in accordance with the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” concept (Patrick Lencioni) 
  • Introduction and development of a culture of constructive communication and feedback
  • Establishing effective meeting formats (e.g. stand-up meeting, roles in meetings)
  • Discovering and developing the strengths of the team (based on the MBTI® and RMP® personality profiles)

You benefit from

  • Clear goal orientation within the team
  • Improved business results
  • Greater commitment and reliability
  • Enhanced ability to deal with conflict in a team
  • Increased motivation and greater trust within the team

Personal contact...

You may have found this website through a recommendation or discovered it directly online. Why not take this opportunity for a personal phone call? It will be my pleasure to listen to you and ask specific questions, so that you gain a clear picture of the options open to you.