"Achieve greater productivity"

Christine Moscho at FAZ.NET
October 2022

The to-do list often seems endless. How can all this be managed - and then the most important thing first. There are some useful tricks for more productivity.
The F.A.Z. author Katharina Heflik interviewed Christine Moscho as an expert...

"What leads consultants into coaching"

Interview with Christine Moscho
Coaching Magazine Issue 3|2021

A portrait of Christine Moscho has appeared in this issue of Coaching Magazin. In an interview with David Ebermann, Christine Moscho examines the diverse aspects of coaching and the stages of her professional career. The full interview (source:

SEAL - Systematic Acquisition and Analysis of Solution Ideas

Christine Moscho in "Coaching Tools III"
Publisher: Christopher Rauen
Published in: managerSeminare, October 2012

In the third volume of his popular Coaching Tools, Christopher Rauen presents, amongst other things, the method known as “SEAL – Systematic Gathering and Analysing of Solution Ideas (Systematisches Erfassen und Analysieren von Lösungsideen)”, which I developed. The SEAL method supports both coach and client in identifying the underlying fundamental issues behind an objective.

“When the consultant needs advice”

Christine Moscho in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Published on 5 September 2012

Consultants are discovering coaching as a way of developing themselves personally. For consultants who are aiming to keep their promise of high quality over the long term, coaching is set to become even more important...