And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new
and have faith in the magic of a new beginning.

Meister Eckhart

Our lives repeatedly lead us into situations that challenge us or threaten to overwhelm us. The approaches and strategies for finding solutions that previously worked well for us, no longer seem to function or may demand a lot of strength. Based on a solution-oriented attitude, I accompany people through difficult situations in their lives. I stand by your side as a reliable and supportive sparring partner in a safe environment. In this way, you can discover new avenues, perspectives and courses of action, allowing you to free yourself from situations in which you have become entangled.

You would like to...

  • Talk to someone who, working with you, takes time to understand your situation
  • Calm down inwardly and learn to switch off occasionally
  • Be able to communicate your needs to others
  • Get rid of unnecessary mental and emotional baggage
  • Become more confident
  • Finally make overdue changes in everyday life –
    e.g. get off the proverbial hamster wheel
  • Resolve stressful situations or conflicts with relatives, colleagues or superiors

Services tailored to your needs

  • Listening closely and insightfully
  • Supporting you in exploring and developing new options and opportunities
  • Working together as equals
  • Identifying the points that will bring you closer to your goal in the long term
  • Developing appealing, practical ideas for implementation in the real world
  • Working together in a pleasant and absolutely confidential atmosphere

You benefit from

  • More peace and serenity in your everyday life
  • New ideas and approaches for dealing with difficult people
  • Clarity on how to proceed
  • Boosting your resources
  • Concrete implementation becoming much easier to achieve
  • Increased confidence in goal-oriented behaviour

Tailored coaching sessions for private clients usually comprise 4 to 8 sessions at intervals of about 3 to 4 weeks.

You are very welcome to arrange sessions at our coaching room in leafy Rösrath, near Cologne. Between your coaching sessions, you can reach me quickly at any time by email or telephone. 

Your next step

You may have found this website through a recommendation or discovered it directly online. Why not take this opportunity for a personal phone call? In a free 30-minute introductory talk, I will ask you specific questions so that you gain a clear picture of the options open to you and the general conditions of the coaching service.